Physiotherapy through Telehealth?

It may come as a surprise that physiotherapy can be delivered through telehealth. Telerehabilitation provides an active and education based approach to treatment and is already being used very successfully in other countries such as Australia and the UK and other provinces across Canada.

There are many Manitobans that live in remote and rural locations that have limited or no access to physiotherapy. 'Ninety-five percent of the Canadian landmass is serviced by only 8% of registered physiotherapists. This creates vast areas where patients have difficulty accessing care.' (Telerehabilitation guidelines-College of Physiotherapists of BC). Some might have difficulty leaving their home or office and find it easier to have a telerehabiliation appointment. This service will allow for quick access to a physiotherapist post injury or post-operatively where advice, education and an exercise program can be initiated.

A lot of the telerehabilitation research has been based on post-operative hips and knees, although many other conditions can be treated effectively.  Telerehabilitation research has demonstrated that patients have been as satisfied as an in clinic appointment and it has been shown to be as effective as an in clinic appointment.  Some research articles below.

Research Article


The platform we decided to use is called Physitrack, it allows for confidential and secure video calls.  The patient can download an app called 'Physiapp' or view in their browser.

Once it has been decided that your condition can be treated using telerehabilitation, you will be sent some instructions about your upcoming appointment using physiapp/physitrack.  You will be provided with an access code that will allow you to log in.

Following the assessment, you will likely be provided with some education and advice regarding your condition and exercises will be sent in video format for you to view.

Learn More about Physitrack.

Visiting Winnipeg?

If you are visiting Winnipeg, you can choose to have your initial assessment, or any of your follow-ups, at one of our clinics.  This can be more helpful and will provide the therapist with the ability to have a more in-depth assessment.  We have a clinic at 5130 Henderson Highway, Narol and the other at ? Medinah Drive, La Salle.

*Please note, an in-clinic assessment is not essential.

Limitations to Telerehabilitation

There will be some conditions that will not be appropriate to be treated using telerehabilitation.  An intake form will sent to you prior to your assessment.  Please answer the questions with as much information as you can, it will help the physiotherapist determine if you can be treated effectively using telerehabiliation.

If it has been decided that telerehabiliation is not appropriate to treat your condition, we will help find your nearest physiotherapy clinic or if necessary, make contact with your family doctor.