Step One

Email for an appointment with either Rhona or Tara. We will use your email address to add you to the system. Or if you prefer to phone, call us at 204-230-0437.

Step Two

An intake form will be emailed to you.  Provide as much information as you can about your condition.  Once this is filled in the physiotherapist will determine if telerehabiliation is appropriate for you.

Step Three

If it has been determined that telerehabiliation is appropriate, we will then work out a date & time that works best for you & an appointment is created.

Step Four

You will be emailed some information on how best to prepare for your upcoming telerehabiliation appointment.  

Step Five

Log in to PhysiApp by either downloading the app or viewing in your browser.  You will have been emailed a code which will give you access.  Your physiotherapist will call at your agreed appointment time.

Step Six

Education and exercises will likely be prescribed.  Exercises are sent in video format and can be viewed in your PhysiApp account.

What Do I need?

All that is needed is an internet connection and access to a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Please ensure that you are in a room that has a good connection to the internet, good lighting and the laptop or ipad is positioned so that the therapist can see the body part being assessed.

Technology Problems

Occasionally we experience problems with the internet connection, loss of battery power, poor lighting etc.  Ensure you have your phone with you during the appointment so we can call or text as needed.

We can either rearrange the appointment or use the telephone to continue some or all of the assessment.  We do not use Facetime or Skype because these servers do not have end-to-end encryption, which ensures security and confidentiality.